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February 01, 2018

Sleek, contemporary interior styling is often associated with lots of space, minimalistic decor and almost a blank canvas for work and life to happen. What does ‘contemporary’ even mean? In general terms it is about being relevant or current to the needs of the present moment. When contemporary styling and design comes into play it needs to take into account the specific needs of the users involved.

Sliding glass doors present a unique solution in a way that a space might feel or be utilised. The beauty of sliding doors is that they offer versatility and the ability to transform a space which is a key benefit in contemporary styling, particularly for a commercial application. Although these benefits are not limited to commercial spaces there are several reasons why it is a good idea to use sliding glass doors for contemporary styling.

Maximises light

Natural light can filter through and illuminate rooms more freely when doors and partitions are made of glass. This may lead to a reduced need for fluorescent lighting which will promote a greener office environment.

Natural light is also known to improve the general well-being of workers who are inside an office for the majority of the day. When a workplace prioritises the wellness of the employees the impact can be positively significant, such as increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Natural light will enhance an office space and contribute to a positive workforce.

Makes the space feel more expansive

When a space is opened up it can offer freedom of movement and the option to connect rooms. This is a particularly strong feature for smaller spaces which may not have as much flexibility for transformation.

Similar applications and benefits can also apply in the home.

Offers both transparency and privacy

While open-plan concepts are ideal for a collaborative working culture and a flatter organisational structure, noise can sometimes be a problem and so the need for designated quiet spaces is necessary. Sliding doors can offer the barrier required for privacy in an open space and are effective for soundproofing.

Enclosed transparent spaces can prevent the feeling of isolation and also has an effect on employee behaviour. There is more focus now than ever on company transparency in every sense of the word, and is increasingly encouraged in physical spaces as well as employee conduct. 

Transparency and privacy are necessary in open plan office spaces.

The Arctic Lena is the perfect, innovative system for tight commercial fit-outs. This all-in-one sliding system achieves a sliding track within the wall thickness and has a soft close mechanism which allows for smooth and quiet closure. The Arctic Lena is successful in reducing space wastage while achieving a sleek and contemporary style.

While all spaces, budgets and requirements are different, here are some more ideas on how to maximise your next office fit out.


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