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At Criterion Industries, we welcome outstanding individuals who share our passion for delivering excellence in all aspects of our business, from superior products to exceptional service to our valued customers.

We employ only the best and reward their dedication to our company values accordingly, offering competitive salaries and great working conditions. Professional development is also part of our ethos
and we encourage our people to undertake continuing training to achieve both their professional and personal goals and to ensure they feel consistently challenged and inspired in their roles.

Our comprehensive pre-employment screening process ensures every person we recruit is the right fit for our culture – a culture that is supportive and places emphasis on honesty, family and a customer-first attitude in everything we do and achieve.


Life at Criterion is constantly changing as we grow and explore new opportunities, however, our commitment to providing an environment that fosters a culture of support, asense of community and opportunities for personal growth remains at the core of who we are.

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