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March 08, 2018

The industrial-look has been a consistently desired aesthetic for a lot of modern interior styling. Its humble roots came from utilitarian purposes where efficiency, safety and functionality were a top priority for the space. The dawn of the industrial evolution saw a surge in manufacturing and the buildings designed to house production featured exposed elements such as metal, brick and wood, all defining characteristics of the factory and warehouse environment. Today we know of many offices, apartments, galleries, co working spaces, restaurants, cafes, showrooms, event spaces and other purposeful buildings designed with these same elements for style rather than function.


Aside from aesthetics, why is this style so coveted?


The industrial style interior lends itself well to commercial spaces because of its openness, expansiveness and large windows. Old factory buildings offer an abundance of natural light because of the large windows, and wide open spaces can be sectioned, divided or used as is for an open-plan layout.

Old industrial buildings which are repurposed as a loft homes often retain some of the striking, raw elements of the industrial building while softening and warming the interior to be livable. Because the industrial style tends towards minimalism but there is an opportunity to create a mixture of effects within one space. By combining exposed elements with sleek and clean lines, there is more freedom to play with a variety of textures, colours and lighting to offer the right balance and contrast. Incorporating nature into the space can also harmonises much of the natural elements which could already be in the space like metal and wood.


How the IBeam interplays raw and refined


Criterion’s IBeam was designed with this aesthetic in mind. This bold partition has a strong definition and can be used for a variety of fit outs, from grand showrooms, to retail and hospitality spaces, as well as in corporate and residential settings.

How IBeam can be used in a restaurant fit out, combining both a classic and modern touch

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With its sleek finish it pairs well with natural and raw elements to create a complementary mixture of warmth, texture, ambience.

The frame is fully adaptable and has the flexibility to be installed at various stages of a project, which includes post plasterwork. IBeam makes a powerful statement in any fit out, paying homage to the traditional structural elements that its design was inspired by.


Technical details:


The IBeam T-Junction enables three-way glazing options.

The Stick-On Crossbeam can be used with double-sided tape to create a stylish framed glass look with minimal glazing.

The IBeam Corner Detail replicates the function of three separate profiles.

The Sliding Track integrates with the Arctic Roller to create a tiny 4mm clearance between the top of the door and the sliding track, delivering a low-clearance, soft-close finish for sliding doors.

Learn more about IBeam.


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