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November 23, 2017

Creating Productive and Comfortable Office Spaces

Creating an office space fit to induce work productivity and creativity whilst offering the warmth and comfort of a home is an art of balance and deliberate design decisions.

Modern offices demand more flexibility today than ever before. With more people working remotely and traveling for work, hot desks and coworking offices are on the rise and downsizing permanent office spaces or space sharing is making more sense. The younger generation in the workforce have also been reared on the practice of Activity Based Working and Wireless Work - there is no apparent need for anyone to have a designated desk when they can move around and work freely within a space, as suitable to the task they are working on. Taking into consideration the transience and constant movement of the modern workplace, this also means that it is highly necessary for spaces to be flexible and multifunctional.

Modern Office Space

A significant portion of this need for this balance comes down to how any particular office space can impact the health, well-being and productivity of staff members.

Studies into productivity reveal a compelling case for using evidence-based design when considering how to plan for the fitout of a work space. When people are exposed to more natural light indoors it has been found to positively impact their concentration and productivity, while the dose of Vitamin D wards off depression. Using light as a resource can also be a consideration when making more eco-friendly decisions when designing a space. Incorporating other natural elements in a built environment such as plants and greenery has also been found to reduce stress, enhance creativity and promote overall well-being.

Natural Elements in Office

The fitout of the Interactive office, a project in which Criterion Industries was a significant contributor, clearly demonstrates how striking the balance of a productivity-inducing and homely space was achieved successfully. The timber slated panelling, alternated with the use of glass throughout the office gives the office a sense of warmth and expansion, without inhibiting natural light. The green elements and cool colour scheme of the Interactive office is a testament to the benefits of a biophilic design, whilst catering to the company’s workstyle, business needs and culture.

Interactive Office Fitout

The industrial revolution has propelled much of the worker bee mindset and behaviours such static workstations, top-down management styles and the standard operating hours of business. However, the keen shift away from boxy offices with harsh clinical lighting was not merely change in interior design trends, but moreso a significant reflection of a change in attitudes, values, work styles and lifestyles. Discover how Criterion Industries works with their clients to design for the future.


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