We are open from 6:30 am - 5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Four working days. If your job is urgent and required sooner, please give us a call and we will do our best to work with you to ensure your project gets completed time.

Criterion’s aluminium anodise thickness is typically 10 or 15 um which is in accordance with Australian Standards for most indoor applications. Please request a thicker anodise coating (25um) for applications that have aggressive atmospheres, especially where condensation is likely to occur for example – indoor swimming pool areas.

Yes - we carefully package your order to ensure your goods are received damage-free. We can arrange transport or work with your transport company. Please give us a call to discuss freight times.

We arrange for our drivers to deliver within a promised time slot and provide text message notifications on approach.

Our products are sourced both locally and from overseas and manufactured in our warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Criterion only sources quality products that are proven, tested and certified to exceed industry standards.

Natural Anodised Aluminium: Available in stock for immediate despatch
Powder Coated Aluminium: 4 working days
Special Anodised Aluminium: 8 working days
Stock Timber Doors: Available in stock for immediate despatch
Special Size Timber Doors: 4-7 working days
Aluminium Doors: 4-7 working days
Cavity Units: 4-7 working days
Stock Size Opti-Lites & Vents: Available in stock for immediate despatch
Special Size Opti-Lites & Vents: 4-7 working days
Plasterboard, Stud & Accessories: Available in stock for immediate despatch

Criterion is a supplier to the building industry. We do not contract or install on site; however, we will happily provide installation advice. Feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call with any questions you may have about our products.


If the product you ordered is in stock, it is normally delivered 1-2 working days and for powdercoat finish 4-5 working days. Please contact our customer service team to confirm otherwise please specify an exact time and date for your time sensitive deliveries.


Standard - 3hr time slot $65.00
Time Critical - 30min time slot* $110.00
Same Day - 5hr service $110.00
After Hours (Standard Hours 6am–5pm Mon–Fri) $175.00
Crane Delivery $250.00

Outer Metro 1

Standard $90.00

Outer Metro 2

Standard $125.00

Outer Metro 3

Standard $195.00


Standard Priced on Application

* In the case that a delivery promise is not met within 30 minutes of promised time, the delivery charge reverts to the Standard Delivery Service Cost.
All prices are plus GST and are subject to change without prior notice.

Yes, we will personally call or email you to confirm your delivery.

Yes, we deliver anywhere in Australia.

Currently our system does not allow automatic international shipping during the check out process. However, International delivery can be arranged. We are more than happy to deliver our products wherever you are at an applicable shipping charge.


The weighted sound reduction is a number used to rate the effectiveness of a soundproofing system or material. Increasing the RW by one translates to a reduction of approximately 1dB (decibel) in noise level.

Rw38 using Platinum 90, Definium 90 and Gallium 45.

Rw53 using Platinum 120.

Whisperwing is Criterion's highest rating door seal – Rw35.

Whisperwing should be used in door receivers, Whisper-Lon should be used in pelmets and rubber pivot seals should be used in wiper stiles.

Brush seals don’t achieve a very good acoustic seal. The new Whisperwing rubber seal achieves higher acoustic results.

Partition systems are sealed and fixed on all four sides including silicone or rubber glazed edges to encase the glass. Hinge and sliding doors are unable to be 100% sealed as they are required to operate with little friction.

All of Criterion's acoustic tests are built to Australia Standard AS 5218:2018.

Acoustic test is performed by installing a product in an acoustic laboratory and the sound transfer from one room to the next room is measured.

Acoustic opinions are measured by entering Criterion Industries acoustic tests into a computer program to show the different results when using different glass types.

Acoustic predictions are measured by Criterion industries acoustic tests and acoustic test results from the glass types itself.


We have a collection of warranties on our products HERE


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