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December 02, 2015

The Niagara Sliding Track System from Criterion Industries offers supreme strength, durability and style in one, boasting a heavy-duty track system that’s designed to suit a range of project requirements. Recent testing has revealed the full capabilities of this system, delivering impressive results that truly make it a stand-out choice.



Tried and Tested for Durability and Reliability

When independently tested to determine weight, force and endurance, the Niagara Sliding Track System outperformed lab tests. In weight tests, the system exceeded 12,000 cycles with a door weight of 250kg, all without showing signs of wear or damage. Force tests conducted also showed that the system requires less than 20 newtons of force to operate when door weights of 100kg and under are used.



Cycle Testing

The Niagara Sliding Track System was placed through 12,782 cycles with a 250 kilogram weight applied, travelling a total distance of 9,458 metres. At the end of cycle testing, the system showed no signs of wear, with the rollers all still fully functional – a testament to the Niagara’s durability and longevity.


Peak Forces for Operation

To test operating forces, researchers added weights ranging from 50 to 250 kilograms to determine the force (in newtons) that each door weight requires in order to open. To be compliant with Australia’s Access and Mobility Code (A&M), no more than 20 newtons of force must be needed to open a door. Testing showed that the Niagara Sliding Track System complies with this code when used with door weights of 50, 75 and 100 kilograms, with the heaviest of these requiring only 19.5 newtons of force to operate.



Learn More Today

Commonly used in commercial and industrial fit outs, and available in a range of pre-finished colours, the Niagara Sliding Track System provides an attractive, strong, durable and A&M code-compliant solution. To learn more about this system, or to determine its suitability for your next corporate or commercial project, contact Criterion today.



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