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August 25, 2016

Key Features

The Arctic Sliding Track System offers a range of innovative sliding benefits, modern aesthetics and convenient design features that complement today’s popular design trends in both commercial and residential spaces. Developed by Criterion’s design team, this range delivers a slim-fit minimalistic and seamless look with its low-clearance and soft-close sliding system.

Purpose-engineered to offer premium style and reliable performance, the arctic sliding track is a perfect solution for home and office settings where modern architectural form and functionality are of equal priority.

The Arctic track was developed to meet the varying needs of architects, contractors, builders and interior designers. Arctic soft-close roller mechanism offers gentle door release, minimal friction, improved longevity and is low maintenance ensuring the track delivers ongoing premium performance. Engineered with a universal cavity slider, the considered design reduces the complexity and saves on installation time compared to other traditional sliding track systems. The Arctic Sliding Tracks achieves an understated style and seamless cohesion between rooms.

Cycle Testing

The Arctic Sliding Track has been life-cycle tested to ensure ongoing and dependable quality for up to 80kg doors. The table below provides some basic weight estimation to ensure you have the correct door weight for your projects.

Door Construction Type Door size: 2700 x 920 x 44mm Door size: 2700 x 1200 x 44mm
MDF Light Weight Door 32kg 39kg
MDF Heavy Weight Door (Semi Solid) 52kg 64kg
MDF Solid Core Door 85kg 96kg
MDF and KD frame with Glass 63kg with 6mm Glass 73kg with 10mm Glass
Aluminium Door with Glass 38kg with 6mm Glass 46kg with 6mm Glass


Formula for calculating glass weight is:

Height (m) x width (m) x glass thickness (mm) x 2.5 = glass weight (kg)

Zero Clearance

With a tiny 3mm clearance between the top of the door and the sliding track, the Arctic range features a refined, clean and minimalist look that caters to a wide range of designs, rooms and style requirements.

The Arctic Sliding Track can be used as a visible feature to highlight smooth transition between rooms and can be fully concealed from view in ceiling space with a flush head application or hidden using pelmets.

There are clear benefits across the full range. The slim-fit design of the zero-clearance fixing plate offers sophisticated style, while the standard plate features a spring loaded safety hanger for extra stability.

Simple installation

Arctic is smooth-engineered and combines whisper-quiet close mechanisms with a seamless, easy fitting process.

Innovative roller design and custom supplied tools allow the height of the door to be adjusted without removing door from the rollers. The Arctic Sliding Track System facilitates a more precise installation and the simplified parts ensure a speedy installation process. The Arctic range is stocked in natural anodised and satin white, and is available in two to three meter lengths.

Track design options.

Installed within the ceiling, the Arctic Sliding system delivers a clean, elegant, minimalist aesthetic and comes in a few variations to suit a number options throughout commercial and residential projects.


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