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October 15, 2014

Niagara Sliding Track System Test Results | Criterion Industries

Niagara Sliding Track System Test Results

The Niagara Sliding Track System has recently been tested for weight, force, and endurance, outperforming recent lab tests by exceeding 12,000 cycles with 250 kilograms. Observation at the end of the test showed little evidence of wear, and it just wanted to keep sliding!

Force Test Results

Force testing results are a helpful reference in light of the Access and Mobility Code (AS1428.1-2009 page 64) which states the force required to slide the door shall not exceed 20 Newtons of force.

The table below shows results from the force testing on a range of door weights. For example, 19.5 newtons required to operate a 100 kg door on the Niagara Sliding Track.



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