Silencio Niagara Sliding System

Silencio Niagara Sliding System

The Silencio Niagara  Acoustic Sliding Door System 

A cutting-edge solution that seamlessly combines robust functionality with whisper-quiet performance. This innovative system is designed to elevate your space, providing an unparalleled blend of strength and acoustic excellence
. Niagara is a high strength aluminium roller system designed to withstand high traffic commercial settings including shops, banks, schools and hospitals.

The roller assembly boasts smooth ball bearing wheels that can hold up to 200kg and the system is designed with an end cap and removable pelmet to easily make adjustments and access rollers. Available in a variety of pre-finished colours to suit your project, Silencio Niagara is the perfect solution for many commercial spaces.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation instructions, as well as, CAD files are on REQUEST ONLY!


  • Maximum weight capacity of 200KG
  • DDA Compliant; At 200KG
  • Starting force - 15.2Nm.
  • Operating force - 14.9Nm
  • Surface mounted system
  • Acoustic rating of RW36
  • Soft close function - Optional
  • Automatic sliding door drop seal
  • Maximum door size - 3000mm X 1675mm
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