The Landsmith Collection

June 24, 2019

Fueling Imagination and Creativity Through Office Design Layout: Remarkable Svelte Doors

The Project

The Landsmith Collection (TLC) encompasses Voyager Estate, one of WA’s leading wineries, and Bullo River Station, a luxury top-end cattle station. A new office housing TLC’s Sales, Marketing, and Management teams has just been set up in Cottesloe, Western Australia. MKDC was given a blank canvass to create an office interior space that reflects the Estate’s qualities: elegance, balance, and complexity.

One of the notable details in this project is a central library that functions as a staff hub, manifesting TLC’s love for learning and unwavering dedication to improvement through research and development.

The Landsmith Collection Foyer Svelte Partition and Doors

Upholding Sustainability

Although the Marketing, Management, and Sales teams work in the background, they serve as the backbone of TLC. It’s important to consider an office space that effortlessly motivates by mixing design and functionality.

This fitout was completed in collaboration with Walshs Glass, using Criterion’s lithe Svelte glass door system and aluminium flat skirting. Together, a flawless glasshouse effect was achieved, serving as a great fountain of inspiration for the TLC Team while showcasing the brand’s identity to its clients.

The Landsmith Collection Svelte Partition and Doors

Svelte: Empowering the Workforce

Svelte 75, Svelte 33, Svelte hinged doors and Svelte sliding glass doors were used to outline the office interiors. These glass partitions are a great source of natural lighting, perfect for Voyager Estate’s commitment to sustainability. They also provide needed privacy for each room, while still allowing the teams to have a wider line of sight, reinforcing connectedness among all employees. 

As a leading aluminium partition and office fit out supplier, Criterion Industries was chosen not only for product quality but also for the efficiency required to meet the project’s strict timeline and budget.

The Landsmith Collection Foyer Svelte Partiton and Doors Meeting Room 2

The Landsmith Collection Foyer Svelte Partiton Sliding Doors

The Landsmith Collection Foyer Svelte Partiton and Doors Foyer 2


The possibilities are limitless with the new Svelte Suite.

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