St Boulevard Residences

August 14, 2019

A premium finish with the Acacia Cavity System

Extra space at an affordable price

St Boulevard is a recent residential development completed by PMC Enterprises, which utilised Criterion’s Acacia Cavity Sliding System. Modern apartment designs call on aesthetic minimalism and the maximisation of space, which is why sliding doors offer the perfect solution to this balancing act.

Ideally suited for smaller lightweight doors, the arctic roller technology facilitates a smooth slide action with an optional soft-close roller system makes it unintrusive to the space. Acacia is a reliable, high-performance cavity door unit system that is versatile and cost-effective.

On time and on budget

Meeting the design requirements on budget was crucial to the success of this project. The low clearance and architectural cavity sliders were custom made so the sliding track head was concealed in the ceiling. Finding a high quality, competitively priced sliding system can be challenging, but this was easily overcome by the accessible price that makes Acacia the perfect choice.

Time was also a key factor. Because of Criterion’s commitment to service and delivery, the product was supplied within the correct time frame, helping to ensure that the project ran smoothly.

The installation team provided some positive feedback on the Acacia system:

Acacia Cavity is the easiest Cavity unit I have ever installed!
– Andrew
After installing about 200 of your Acacia Cavities, I would say I am very impressed!
– Federico 

Installing Acacia Cavity is quick and easy.

Inject elegance and style into any apartment

The luxury-style apartments at St Boulevard facilitate modern living, not only through the generous amenities and its central location but also through careful interior design and selection. The low clearance sliding system was chosen to expand the space and offer a seamless look.

The desirable aesthetics of sliding doors, as well as its space-saving benefits, make it ideal for the modern interior.



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