Drillcut Broadmeadows

April 01, 2019

The Project

Drillcut is a family owned business supplying market-leading products and solutions to the construction industry. These include electrical, air-conditioning, fire, plumbing and concreting products. Founded in 1988, Drillcut operates in all sectors of the construction industry. It is with the 30 years of experience that the company is able to provide customers with the products that will best suit their particular projects.

Seeing an opportunity for growth, Drillcut has moved from its original office in Melbourne to its new headquarters in Broadmeadows.

Bowen Interiors was selected as the fit-out partner to assist with the design and refurbishment of their new office, which features Criterion Industries’ revolutionary Svelte systems. The easy ordering process, delivery and installation of the product made the fit-out process cost-effective and timely for Bowen Interiors to design and develop the office space.

Svelte brings sleek modernisation into the workplace

The new ultra-slim Svelte system installed at Drillcut included the Svelte Partition System, Sliding System, Sliding Doors and Hinge Doors. Also installed were the Atlantic Sliding System and Timber Sliding Doors. The installation of the modern system aligned with the company’s aim to provide new and innovative solutions to their customers. The use of glass throughout the office provides a sense of openness with impeccable views, giving the office a sense of warmth and expansion, without inhibiting natural light.

The possibilities are limitless with the new Svelte Suite.

Discover Svelte today!


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