LaTrobe University Bio-Science Laboratory - Bundoora Campus

November 15, 2014


LaTrobe Uni Bio-Science Laboratory

Who: Contractor – Arc Plastering, Architect – Lyons Architects, Builder - Grocon

What: Biosciences Research Centre (AgriBio) Melbourne - a 30,777m2 complex with construction value of $185 million.


- Open foyer featuring large glass atrium

- A dynamic staircase

- Seminar rooms with views of the surrounding landscape

- Café and commercial spaces

- Open plan office space

- Flexible laboratory spaces with moveable laboratory benches to enable adaptation to changing scientific focuses.

- Areas include labs, animal houses, glass houses, screen houses, post-mortem facilities.

When: Completed October 2011

Where: LaTrobe University - Plenty Road Bundoora Campus

Why: AgriBio accommodates up to 400 staff from the Victorian Department of Primary Industry and La Trobe University including scientists, students, and business and science-support staff who specialise in plant and animal genomics, plant pathology, animal health and agricultural sustainability.

How Criterion was involved:

We were glad to be part of this project by supplying:

- Custom feature panels for the dynamic stairway

- Internal aluminium glazing suite

- Aluminium doors & door frames


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