Seek Employment

November 15, 2014

SEEK Employment

SEEK is Australia and New Zealand’s most popular choice for people seeking employment and those seeking employees.

In their recently developed Melbourne office, a highly professional, fun, happy, people-orientated atmosphere has been created with innovation that went above and beyond in levels of creativity and detail.

The round meeting rooms are carefully positioned in the vast open areas to promote a collaborative environment with table tennis tables and lounges in their break-out area.

Polished concrete, exposed ceilings and funky modern lighting stand out to promote the SEEK culture.

Niagara sliding tracks have been utilised for meeting room doors due to their reliable and bold character.

The Platinum 90 Suite was used on verticals of offset glazed window frames and 25mm channel for horizontals of windows.

See Platinum 90 for more details

Aurora aluminium doors have been used for meeting rooms and executive offices.

See Aurora Aluminium Doors for more details



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