Sliding doors: The Top Choice for Modern Office Design

August 07, 2019

Saving Money and Space

The cost to occupy office space is ever-increasing, which means that thoughtful planning is necessary when deciding how limited space should be used. One solution to maximising floor space is to install sliding doors as opposed to swinging doors with hinges. Imagine saving 1 square meter for every hinged door? This could add to up a significant amount of space.

Hinge door 100 Creek St Brisbane

Space-saving tactics can have other benefits aside from saving dollars. Increased space can enhance the customer experience. For example, space can be reallocated as a showroom or a welcoming reception area, wherever customers can interact with the company. For staff members in an office, more space can mean extra break out areas or diverse work areas, which can help boost productivity.

Hinged Doors require a surrounding clearance area in order to fully open.



Cavity Sliding Doors

Cavity sliding doors open within the wall itself, saving valuable space.



Sliding doors are an ideal option when considering accessibility in an office space. The simple act of opening doors can be difficult for people with disabilities with many doors requiring excessive force to push/pull open, inhibiting the free movement of occupants and visitors. Criterion’s products are compliant with the AS 1428.1-2009, which establishes mandatory design features for optimal door operation. Failure to comply with the standards may jeopardise your project and leave you liable for the costs of retrofitting doors to code.

Ease of movement throughout an office interior, in general, is ideal when designing a space, and selecting the right doors could make all the difference.



This versatility in sliding systems can enhance the modern office design and layout without hindering creativity. Cavity sliding systems can be used as a solution with plaster walls, either with timber or aluminium doors. 

Criterion’s Caspian Cavity Sliding System is a high-performance cavity door system that provides a quality cost-effective solution for any setting. This maintenance-free, commercial-grade cavity sliding system is manufactured to suit any project requirements are suitable for both commercial and residential interiors.


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