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June 12, 2015

How Criterion Can Help Prevent Project Turbulence

How Criterion Can Help Prevent Project Turbulence

Problems suffered during major building or office fit-out projects boil down to two main issues: getting the project done on time, and on budget. There are a variety of factors, or “pain points” that can impact on this, some of them outside anyone’s control. However, there are others that can be managed to provide the best result. We take a look at these possible pain points and show you how Criterion can help you avoid them!

Project Turbulence


At the beginning of an office fit-out project, it’s often tempting to think “No need to hire an expensive architect/concreter/tiler, let’s just do it ourselves and shave heaps off the budget!”

However, this can all too often prove to be false economy; it’s more important to get it right the first time than get it done cheaply. Spending more at the beginning on personnel who are trained in specialised skills can be worth it. Having to fix work that’s not quite right – or worse, dealing with the fallout if problems don’t come to light until after the project is complete – can end up costing you much, much more in time and money.

The Solution

It pays to carry out research into the professionals in your area and gather quotes so you can make the most informed decision. However, Criterion can remove some of the time and effort involved in this step. Over the years we have built up relationships with many quality companies and contractors and we know the industry inside and out. You can speak to our friendly staff or even fill out our online form to receive a recommendation of an expert installer in your area to suit your specific needs.

DIY Pitfalls

Supplier Troubles! 

Sometimes everything’s going perfectly – except for the supply of your materials! You may be juggling multiple different suppliers and finding this confusing and difficult to manage. Or perhaps your orders are arriving late, which is holding up the project and pushing out deadlines – very frustrating, especially because it’s something that’s outside of your control.

The Solution

At Criterion, we offer a wide range of office fit-out supplies, allowing you to source everything you need from just one place. This alone simplifies and streamlines your ordering and delivery process in a variety of ways:

  • It saves you time sourcing materials – and when it comes to a large-scale fit-out project, time is money.
  • It’s easier in terms of logistics – instead of having to organise a myriad of orders and delivery times, you have one central organisational point. Simple!
  • Minimise your delivery charges - with all supplies delivered in one vehicle, preventing confusion and clutter.
Nor does ordering from Criterion limit you in terms of supplies – we carry a wide range of office fit-out products and solutions, including:
  • Partition systems
  • Sliding door solutions
  • Timber and Aluminium Doors
  • Ceiling systems
  • Plasterboard and accessories
  • Aluminium Skirting & Geometrics

As well, Criterion is a responsive supply company that knows how critical it is that deliveries arrive on time, every time. To this end, we work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your timelines; we package your goods correctly and provide an on-time delivery service with options for same-day service.

Supplier Troubles

Lack of Unity and Organisation

The project gets off to a great start! Everyone involved is enthusiastic about what they want to achieve - but somewhere down the line, no-one’s sure if they’re on track. Teams have different ideas about where they’re supposed to be at, and there may even be arguments breaking out on-site. Budget stress starts to set in, and as the deadline for completion looms, it becomes clear that the target may not be met.

The Solution – Planning and Communication

During your office-fit out project, there needs to be regular communication between teams, workers and project managers about how tasks are progressing. This provides an overall view of the project’s progress – and if any problems arise, these can be dealt with right away and incorporated into the plan as they occur, preventing any nasty surprises.

At Criterion, we go beyond simply supplying your project, taking responsibility beyond just the delivery of your materials. You can rely on our years of experience to ensure your projects run smoother as we liaise between the different teams involved in the project – architects, builders and contractors


Seismic engineering is another potential red tape that could significantly slow down your project - Fill in the form to enquire about how Criterion Industries' Generic Seismic engineering design can help you!


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