Criterion Industries - Sound Solutions 2024 Recap

May 14, 2024

Sound Solutions Conference 2024 - A quick recap

The Sound Solutions Conference 2024, hosted by Criterion Industries, delved deep into the world of acoustics within the Australian building industry. The event provided a platform to discuss the high acoustic properties required in modern spaces and how Criterion Industries' products, particularly the 'Silencio Range,' can aid architects and acoustic engineers in their projects.



Key presenter Martin, Criterion Industries' R&D Manager, shared insights into the development of the Silencio Range and highlighted the extensive acoustic testing conducted with the CSIRO, resulting in impressive RW ratings. The conference also featured the company's sales team, further emphasizing their commitment to quality and innovation.



One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity to network with Victorian based architects and acoustic engineers, gaining valuable insights into their needs and fostering closer collaboration. 



The event was well-received, with attendees enjoying the chance to learn about innovative solutions in the market, as well as, the chance to discuss how the industry can be shaped in the future and how we can aid them in being successful. Criterion Industries considers the conference a success and looks forward to hosting more events in the future to further support the industry.

Stay tuned for future events and initiatives from Criterion Industries as we continue to innovate and provide solutions for the Australian building industry.

By Lachlan Sabransky


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