Platinum 120 (131 x 35mm)

The Platinum 120 suite incorporates 92mm steel studs or 90mm timber studs with 13mm plasterboard on either side. This versatile suite offers three glazing options; centre glazed, offset glazed and double glazed. The double glazed option is often used in areas where acoustics are paramount. The Platinum 120 suite is often used in industrial and medical applications providing a heavy duty partitioning solution and allows the combination of hinged and sliding doors to be used throughout your project without detracting from visual consistency of the suite.

  • 92mm stud
  • 10mm and 13mm plasterboard
  • 35mm reveal
  • 35mm, 38mm and 44mm door stop
  • Centre, Offset and Double Glazing available
  • Suits glass up to 12.8mm thick
Acoustic Ratings
  • Single Glaze Partition – RW36
  • Double Glaze Partition – RW53

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