Definium 120 (131 x 50mm)

The Definium 120 Suite allows for an offset glazing system or double glazing partition system, incorporating 92mm stud and 13mm plasterboard. This robust aluminium suite offers a multitude of possibilities, and is specially designed and engineered to achieve your vision with three different glazing options: centre, offset and double glazed.

All three options are interchangeable, working in conjunction with selected Platinum sections. The Definium 120 Suite has been designed with precision for ultimate performance and installation efficiency, so whether you’re after a double glazing partition system or an offset glazing system, it can provide a flexible solution suitable for your needs.

  • 92mm stud
  • 10mm and 13mm plasterboard
  • 50mm reveal
  • 35mm, 38mm and 44mm door stop
  • Centre, Offset and Double Glazing available
  • Suits glass up to 12.8mm thick

    Acoustic Performance

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