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Silencio Caspian Cavity Unit

The Silencio Caspian by Criterion Industries – an innovative cavity sliding system that redefines the art of interior design.

Elevate your interior spaces with The Silencio Caspian Cavity Sliding System, experience unmatched versatility, refinement, and performance, transforming your living or working spaces into a retreat of modern elegance.

Now with great acoustic capabilities achieving a rating of RW42 for a single cavity and RW41 for bi-parting cavities.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation instructions, as well as, CAD files are by REQUEST ONLY!



  •  Single Cavity: RW42
  • Biparting Cavity: RW41
  • Aluminium Split Jamb, Rear post and Floor Track – maximum rigidity
  • Plastic T-guide for simple installation process
  • Door weight up to 180kg
  • Arctic track - Supports door weights of up to 180kg with standard rollers
  • Supports 120kg with softclose
  • Tested with 40mm Acoustic Timber Door
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