V-Leader, Melbourne

December 01, 2017

V-Leader property group, the residential and commercial property developers have been operating from their international offices for over 20 years. With their company expansion they required a new Melbourne office to be designed and fitted to meet the organizational growth. Their relocation to a prominent commercial Melbourne area meant that V-Leader wanted to design the space with their international home in mind.

McCormack delivered a space for the small team that had the same look and feel as their international office. With modern and retro furnishings it speaks of class as you enter through the reception and waiting areas. The polished concrete floors compliment the dark timber and neutral tone finishes. The space contains both a large boardroom as well as a smaller one for more intimate meetings, with offices catered for their overseas directors. A stylish kitchen area that doubles as a collaboration zone with a chalkboard disguised as a feature wall.

To achieve this sleek and contemporary interior McCormack engaged Criterion Industries to supply the Platinum 90 partition system and Aurora Aluminium Doors. In specifying these products they were guaranteed to achieve the desired style as well as acoustic performance. The Aurora doors are highly durable, low maintenance and deliver consistent high performance in heavy traffic settings.


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