The Alfred Innovation and Education Hub

September 07, 2021

The Alfred Innovation and Education Hub, located in Commercial Road, Melbourne, was designed to accommodate a collaborative approach to training and research for medical professionals. 

In order to create zones and breakout spaces, it was necessary to consider partitions that could section out the space whilst maintaining an open feel. It was also important to take into consideration the acoustics of a mostly open concept collaborative space. When rooms need to be sectioned and transformed, a high-performing sliding system must be put in place.

Hayball Architects worked with Formula Interiors on the construction and design of this fitout, while CAD Plastering completed the installation. To achieve optimal results, the Definium 90 was selected as a heavy duty solution. As an interchangeable internal wall system, the acoustic performance proves to be superior. In addition, Definium was chosenbecause the 50mm frame complied with the Disability code AS1428.1-2009, requiring minimum width of area for luminance contrast to be 50mm for visually impaired people.

The Svelte 33, powder coated in Black Ace, was used for the display cabinets because they wanted the slimmest frame available, where specified standards were not required. This slim partition system offered a striking finish, whilst ensuring that the space could be physically divided without disrupting cohesiveness.  


The Aurora Narrow stile doors were also chosen, for being low maintenance and high-performing in heavy traffic environments.


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