ISPT, Brisbane

October 17, 2019

The ISPT office fitout in Brisbane was a particularly unique project, due to the segmentation of the various spaces in the office.

Starting with a blank canvas, the work done by The Fitout Studio resulted in a vision where each area was styled with a distinctly different look and feel. Creating separate feature areas helps to promote a distinct purpose and use for the different spaces, which also caters to activity based working styles in many modern offices.

The Criterion products specified easily fit in with the vision and the design because of its versatility and customisation. These include Platinum 90, Gallium 45, IBeam, Aurora Aluminium Doors, Flat Bar and Decorum Concealed Fix Skirting.

Several sections of the office were designed with a sleek industrial look, which is IBeam’s strong suit. It creates a statement without being imposing. When taking acoustics into consideration IBeam is a consistently high-performing product, suitable for spaces such as ISPT, where there is prominent sectioning.

ISPT Open Plan IBeam

Daniel Dotta, Construction Manager from The Fitout Studio, said that “Criterion carried the product in length form, which, at the time it was a way better option than what we’d been using in the past.” He also said that “the products were very easily explained” and came with the support of all the marketing material that they needed.

In describing the service experience with Criterion, Dotta explained that instead of waiting the average 10 days to receive a delivery, Criterion’s products shipped very quickly and therefore, “time frames were decreased and the ease of install was certainly increased.”

There was another great advantage to ordering from Criterion. With excess stock on hand, they were able to “integrate those into the new fit out works and only buy the product that we need.” This meant that there were no excess materials using up their factory space.

ISPT Open Plan IBeam


ISPT Meeting Room

ISPT Office



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