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August 11, 2020

Four Contemporary Home Transformations by Criterion

In our urbanised society where space is a premium commodity, transformable areas that serve a variety of functions in the home are becoming ever-present in contemporary residential design.

Criterion has a range of products that will add a striking feature to any modern home and serve the dual purpose of creating transformable areas. Here are four of our favourite contemporary additions to modernise your home.

Barwon Aluminium Doors


When it comes to doors, the industry is moving towards the sleek and slim design trend for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Particularly in residential settings, people are looking to have more openness and connectedness between rooms. Barwon Aluminium Doors, with an overall thickness of 38mm and slimline frame options, serve to make a space appear larger than it is, adding to its overall comfort and appeal.

The Barwon Door Suite range features a variety of frame options, including a 42mm Slimline Stile with a lockable option, 72mm Narrow and 112mm Wide Stile. Offering a great deal of variety and flexibility, and suitable for countless settings, Barwon is available in hinged, sliding, pivot and bi-fold configurations, with either powder coat or anodise finishes.

Criterion can custom manufacture Barwon doors to meet your specification, including rubber glazing for 6.38mm glass and the fitting of door furniture.

Click here to learn more about Barwon.

Caspian Cavity Unit


Modern apartment designs call on aesthetic minimalism and the maximisation of space, which is why cavity sliding doors offer the perfect solution to this balancing act. Hinged Doors require a surrounding clearance area in order to fully open, whereas cavity sliding doors open within the wall itself, saving valuable space.

Caspian Cavity Unit is a quality sliding cavity door system offering both style and value. Ideally suited for smaller lightweight doors, such as the Barwon Aluminium Door Suite, the Arctic roller technology facilitates a smooth slide action with an optional soft-close roller system makes it unobtrusive to the space. The low clearance option create a minimalistic look with a tiny 4mm clearance between the top of the door and the sliding track.

Inject elegance and style into any house or apartment with the high performing, versatile and cost-effective Caspian Cavity Unit.

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Svelte Partition Suite


The Svelte Partition Suite is a lithe partition system designed to physically divide without visually separating interior spaces. With a tiny 15mm reveal on the vertical and 20mm reveal on the horizontal, the Svelte Suite embodies slender elegance and is the slimmest partition system available.

Thermal performance and natural light-flow was of the utmost importance in the design. Svelte allows natural light to be further dispersed throughout the space and features offset and double-glazing aluminium frames which can be combined to create infinite design solutions.

Available with matching doors and an integrated sliding system Svelte can create unimpeded openness and limitless views throughout the home.

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Decorum Shadowline Skirting


Finish you space with distinction and create a modern look throughout your home by using Decorum Shadowline Skirting. With a fixing design that provides a more accurate and consistent linear finish than standard skirting, Decorum Shadowline "steps back" from the plasterboard surface, creating a distinct shadowline and provides a premium aesthetic to the base of walls.

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