June 02, 2017

In our urbanised society where space is a premium commodity, transformable areas that serve a variety of functions in the home are becoming ever-present in contemporary residential design.

Criterion Industries has a range of products that will add a striking feature to any modern home and serve the dual purpose of creating transformable areas.

Here are four of our favourite contemporary additions featured in modern homes throughout Australia.  

1. Panama Sliding System

Conceal an outdoor laundry with character using the Panama Sliding System.

Featured here at ‘Zelda’ Cooks Hill House designed by Zugai Strudwick Architects, the Panama Sliding System adds a touch of industrial style and serves the dual purpose of hiding a functional laundry which would otherwise mar the stylish outdoor area.

Use the Panama Sliding System to conceal with character.Use the Panama Sliding System to conceal with character. Zugai Strudwick Architects ©

The Panama Sliding System is an exposed stainless-steel rail system designed to emphasise the aesthetic of the door itself.

Panama integrates a unique sliding track that is equipped with bearing system technology and is a robust design capable of holding doors up to 200kg.

Perfect for entrances or partitions in contemporary homes, with the Panama Sliding System a simple door becomes a prominent design feature.  

2. Tanaro Cavity Unit

Create a seamless flow between rooms when entertaining calls for open space using the Tanaro Cavity Unit.

Tanaro has been used in this example at Union Street to create a sliding system capable of opening the flow between the living area, home office and outdoor terrace.

Engineered to deliver a flush finish between the track and the ceiling, Tanaro has a square-set finish around the perimeter of the frame, providing a seamless uninterrupted design.

Tanaro also achieves solid acoustic reduction with seals and panels to the cavity structure, making it the perfect option to seal off the home office for quiet work or study in this example at Union Street.

Use the Tanaro Cavity Unit to create seamless flow between rooms.Use the Tanaro Cavity Unit to create seamless flow between rooms.

3. Platinum Suite

Platinum 110 was used as an aluminium frame to partition alcoves and rooms off the main hallway in this example at Warner Street.

Rather than traditional glazing, the aluminium is offset with timber slats for a contemporary look that imbues warmth and transparency throughout the space.

A uniform 35mm reveal lends this home a bold, distinct and modern aesthetic.

Use the Platinum Suite to lend your house a bold and distinct aesthetic.Use the Platinum Suite to lend a bold and distinct aesthetic. Marvelle Photography ©

The Platinum Suite is Criterion’s signature partition system. Incorporating aluminium glazing frames across doors and windows, this superior design heightens interior style in residential spaces.

The Platinum suite offers a fluid blend of uncompromising style and adaptive flexibility, and has been deployed in sophisticated residential settings across Australia.  

4. Decorum Shadowline

Finish with distinction with Decorum Shadowline and create a smart, modern look throughout any home.

Decorum Shadowline provides an understated sense of tasteful style and adds the finishing touches to the base of walls.

“Stepping back” from the plasterboard surface, Decorum Shadowline creates a distinct shadowline finish and provides a premium aesthetic.

A new addition to the Criterion product range, Decorum Shadowline has a fixing design to provide a more accurate and consistent linear finish than standard skirting.

Use Decorum Shadowline to create a smart finish to the base of plasterboard walls.Use Decorum Shadowline to create a smart finish to the base of plasterboard walls.


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