Multi Functional office spaces incorporating acoustics

July 04, 2024

In today's dynamic corporate environment, multi-functional meeting spaces have become essential. These spaces not only support a variety of activities but also foster creativity and productivity. A critical element in designing these spaces is incorporating effective acoustic solutions. Proper acoustic planning ensures that meeting rooms can adapt to different functions while maintaining an optimal auditory environment.


Understanding the Need for Acoustic Solutions

The Impact of Poor Acoustics

Poor acoustics can severely impact the functionality of a meeting space. Noise disruptions and echo can lead to decreased concentration, impaired communication, and overall dissatisfaction. This is particularly crucial in spaces designed for diverse uses such as conferences, brainstorming sessions, and virtual meetings. Acoustic solutions are essential to mitigate these issues, enhancing both the comfort and efficiency of the room.


Benefits of Good Acoustics

Investing in acoustic solutions offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved Speech Clarity: Ensures that communication is clear and effective, reducing misunderstandings.
  • Increased Productivity: Minimizes distractions, allowing participants to focus better.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Prevents conversations from leaking into adjacent areas, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Greater Flexibility: Supports various activities without compromising on sound quality.



Key Acoustic Solutions for Multi-Functional Spaces


Acoustic Sliding Systems

One effective way to achieve excellent acoustics while maintaining your desired layout and design is by using acoustic sliding systems. For instance, the Silencio Overtaking system by Criterion Industries is a prime example. It enhances the flexibility of office areas by effortlessly converting a private meeting room into an open office space.

  • Acoustic Rating: RW35
  • Automatic Sliding door drop seals.
  • No exposed floor-mounted door stops, guides, or tracks on the floor of the door opening.





Acoustic Doors 

Often overlooked, doors  play a crucial role in the acoustic performance of a meeting space. Properly designed acoustic doors can significantly reduce noise transmission.

  • Acoustic Timber Doors: Criterion Industries has a range of acoustic timber doors - ATS/D 35ATS/D 40ATS/D 45 in single and double door configuration.
  • Acoustic Aluminium Doors: Aluminium doors are another great option for achieving great acoustics for an office space. Criterion provides Silencio Aurora and Silencio Barwon which offer superior acoustics. 



Designing Multi-Functional Meeting Spaces


Planning and Layout

Effective planning is key to creating a multi-functional meeting space. Consider the various activities that will take place and plan the layout accordingly.


    Aesthetic Considerations

    While functionality is crucial, aesthetics should not be overlooked. The acoustic solutions chosen should complement the overall design of the space.

    • Powder coating: Using acoustic solutions made of aluminium the customisation possibilities such as powder coating allows designers to align the fitout products with the project vision.



    Creating multi-functional meeting spaces with effective acoustic solutions is essential for modern environments. By understanding the impact of acoustics and implementing appropriate solutions, spaces can be designed to support a variety of activities while ensuring comfort, privacy, and productivity. Incorporating these strategies not only enhances the functionality of the space but also contributes to the overall satisfaction of its users.



    Written by Lachlan Sabransky


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