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Split Batten

The Split Batten extrusion can be used for a variety of applications for fixing heavy items to walls, including; decorative panels, signs and joinery. Split Batten can be used externally and internally.

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    Q: What is the weight limit or load rating of the Split Batten?
    A: We have tested a 1-meter length and it achieved 3.5 tonnes before distorting, the fixings are more likely to fail then the extrusion distort. So it's very dependent on what you have available to fix back to and the fixings themselves.

    Q: How does the Split Batten System work?
    A: The wider part of the extrusion is fixed to the wall with the small lip facing up and the fixing face of the extrusion is fixed to the panel or item being hung with the small lip facing down. We would recommend fixing as often as possible or where ever you are able to pick up a stud.

    Q: Does the extrusion have Pre-Drilled holes?
    A: No, the extrusion has been designed with two screw guides which makes it easier to drill holes at whatever fixing intervals suit your particular circumstances.

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