Silencio AT45-S/D Acoustic timber door

Silencio AT45-S/D Acoustic timber door

Criterion Industries is now offering an acoustic timber door as part of the expanding Silencio range! With a remarkable rating of RW 45 and a thickness of 70mm, this door offers exceptional sound insulation capabilities. 

What sets the Silencio Acoustic Timber Door apart is its innovative design, featuring an aluminium jamb instead of a traditional pressed metal frame. This allows Criterion to provide swift lead times, ensuring prompt delivery. The Silencio Timber door is also incredibly user-friendly, ensuring effortless on-site assembly and installation. 

Acoustically tested in CSIRO laboratories, Criterion industries new range of acoustic timber doors can be ordered in both single and double door configuration.



Key Benefits: 

+ 70mm thickness 

+ RW 45 

+ Features an aluminium jamb vs. a traditional pressed metal frame 

+ Superior lead times due to the use of aluminium jambs

+ Available in a range of veneers or laminates 

+ Available in single and double doors

+ Large range of sizes (Up to 2700mm X 1200mm) 

+ Approximate weight: 60Kg/M2


Jamb Options:


+ Pressed Metal Frame

+ KD Hardwood

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