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CI-S40 Acoustic Perimeter Seal

The Criterion CI-S40 Acoustic Perimeter Seal is an effective acoustic door stop which can be installed to a door jamb in lieu of a clip in door stop (where frames are non fire-rated).
CI-S40 can be butt jointed or mitred for a neat finish. This seal can be screwed to frame and adjusted to allow an excellent precise fit. (screws supplied)

The cover clip can be clipped on at the end of a project so no risk of damage while
trades are working around the door frame.

Key Benefits: 

+ Clip on extruded cover that can be clipped on at the end of your project to avoid damage. 

+ Amazing acoustic performance. 

+ Stocked in a range of sizes and finishes. 

+ Cover clip can be powder coated or anodised to match finish of the door jamb 


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