The Quay Quarter

June 28, 2022

Quay Quarter Tower, located at 50 Bridge St is not only one of the most iconic new buildings in the CBD but an excellent example of re-lifing an existing building, saving more than 6 million kilograms of carbon emissions by reusing the core of the building. The transformed QQT was designed by Danish Architecture firm 3XN with BVN as the local executive Architect, and built by Multiplex for AMP Capital.

The precinct beyond the tower is a mixed-use development, featuring a market hall, retail, cafes, dining, co-working and commercial office space, as well as luxury residential apartments designed by a range of boutique residential Architects. Hassell Studio are the designers of the 35,000sqm AMP tenancy within the tower which is the first, and largest workplace to be completed in this landmark development.

Throughout the nineteen levels that Hassell Studio designed for AMP, Criterion partitions bring functionality and acoustic separation whilst supporting the design aspirations for transparency, openness and connection. A wide range of Criterion’s partition products were used throughout the AMP workplace which utilises a unique planning approach in response to the building form and retained base building perimeter columns.

Criterion’s Svelte 75 with its slim reveals was used for meeting rooms around the core of the building while accompanied by the Platinum 120 suite which featured in perimeter meeting rooms, quiet rooms and semi-open collaboration ateliers. The Criterion Svelte 33 suite was also used, which is our slimmest partitioning system and incorporates a hinged door system that is both DDA compliant and accommodates electric strikes.

Hassell designed curved glazed partitions to differentiate between the workplace and the distinctive angled base building, and provide a welcoming, human centred and supporting environment that is easy to navigate intuitively. Criterion worked with the Hassell and Multiplex team to provide the aluminium curved profiles in all 3 partition suites.

The AMP Workplace is a beautiful example of how great design can bring functionality and pragmatic design elements together seamlessly to achieve a beautiful, warm and welcoming place for AMP people and their guests to work, collaborate and concentrate in that sets a new benchmark in quality and design in Australian workplaces.

Author and Photos: Alana Mackenzie



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