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Gallium 45 (45 x 26mm)

The Gallium Suite is a strong and versatile glazing system engineered for seamless integration into any commercial setting, regardless of wall thickness.
Designed with an adaptable frame, Gallium can be installed at various stages of a project – including after plasterwork completion. With defined lines, the Gallium Suite complements modern interior design aesthetic and provides a strong visual focus within any space.

Gallium 45 is designed with a concealed centre fix position to simplify and streamline the framing installation process. The glazing frame can be installed into an existing opening with a variety of wall thicknesses.
Equipped with a ‘clip out bead’ for an easier glass installation.

  • 45mm x 26mm Glazing Window system
  • 26mm reveal
  • Centre Glazing available
  • Simple installation
  • Heavy duty door frame
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