Silencio Celtic acoustic Cavity system

Silencio Celtic Cavity system

The Silencio Celtic cavity unit is a premium cavity system designed for use throughout a wide variety of commercial spaces, especially when acoustics are an important consideration. Tested in a NATA-certified lab at CSIRO, achieving an impressive rating of RW33.

With aluminium reveals boasting a consistent 35mm outline, the Silencio Celtic system offers a modern solution for a wide variety of commercial settings, with the option to Powdercoat to match the adjacent frame/jamb. Additionally, utilising clip-in pelmets allows for an easy install process, as well as, easy removal if adjustments are required.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation instructions, as well as, CAD files are on REQUEST ONLY!



  • Single Cavity: RW33 (Tested With Narrow Stile Barwon Door)
  • Full Aluminium reveal around door opening
  • 35mm reveal
  • Door thickness 38mm for Timber & Aluminum Doors
  • Weight capacity up to 180kg (Without soft close)
  • Suits both aluminium and timber doors
  • Available in a range of colour finishes
  • Quick and easy installation
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