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The Criterion concealed ceiling system offers a flexible and secure system that can be used for non-fire-rated and fire-rated applications and have been designed to meet the relevant Australian standards. Components are manufactured from galvanised steel, designed for safe handling, and is easily clipped together to form grid work for ceiling board fixings. Components such as battens, furring channels and top cross rail allows for a range of loading options and ceiling spans. Furring channel track reduces the needs for suspended fixing at each end of ceiling.

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Ceiling Plasterboard (View more Ceiling Plasterboard options)

10mm Ceiling Plasterboard

10mm Ceiling Plasterboard 1200 x 3600

10mm Ceiling Plasterboard 1200 x 6000

Primary Channel (View more Primary Channel options)

25mm Top Cross Rail 0.75 BMT

25mm Top Cross Rail 0.75 BMT RAD - 3600mm

25mm Top Cross Rail

25mm Top Cross Rail 0.75 BMT - 3600mm

Furring Channel (View more Furring Channel options)

28mm Furring Channel

28mm Furring Channel - 4800mm M29

Direct Fixing Clips (View more Direct Fixing Clips options)


Purlin Clip

Primary Couplings (View more Primary Couplings options)


Primary Coupling M39 Locking Key

Section Joiners (View more Section Joiners options)


Furring Channel Joiner

Primary Suspension Clips (View more Primary Suspension Clips options)


Spring Hanger D534

Suspension Rod (View more Suspension Rod options)

5mm Galvanized Rod

5mm Galvanized Rod - 3600 mm (25 Per Pack)