Criterion Industries Launch Day 2023

January 18, 2023

Celebrating Criterion's Annual Launch Day at Chapter Place - Pentridge Establishment

Each year Criterion hosts its annual Launch Day, this kick starts the year with a BANG! 

This year we were privileged enough to be the first conference hosted at a location unlike any other - Chapter Place - Pentridge Establishment. 

We are extremely proud of this event and believe it is yet another example of how Criterion sets itself apart and demonstrates our values...

ENERGETIC through team building and the support everyone shows each other.
COMMITTED through the clear communication of the upcoming years strategy and common goals.
UNITED by flying out our national team to Melbourne to interact with one another on a personal level.

It is also important to highlight those who are truly kicking goals! So as part of our launch day we celebrated individuals who went above and beyond and showcased our company values.

Packed full of strategy, team building activities, guest speakers, amazing food & drink and great company, we find that our annual Launch Day benefits the entire organisation in terms of employee morale, productivity, loyalty and motivation.

This year the theme for the day was Let’s Thrive! 2023 has arrived!


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