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Tanaro Cavity Unit

The Tanaro cavity unit delivers a premium solution in a variety of commercial and residential spaces.

Engineered to deliver a flush finish between the track and the ceiling, the Tanaro design creates smooth continuous flow from room to room. A square-set finish around the perimeter of the frame provides a seamless finish to ensure your design is uninterrupted.

The Tanaro aluminium track system can carry up to 180kg doors and is customisable and readily available to order. The Tanaro System is available in a variety of design options, including flush head detail, pelmet detail and overtaking doors.

Designed to conceal the stems of roller assembly and the overtaking doors, the pelmet head detail allows for flexibility within the door width. Double and triple overtaking doors offer maximum customisation.

The Tanaro range achieves solid acoustic reduction through the use of seals and panels to the cavity structure. It represents an ideal option for separating larger spaces.

  • Manufactured to suit 38mm Timber doors
  • Manufactured to suit 44mm Aluminium doors
  • Holds up to 180kg door capacity
  • Engineered roller system
  • Wide range of design options
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