Atlantic Overtaking System

Atlantic Overtaking System Shadow

Overtaking Sliding Systems.

Designed and engineered for smooth operation every time.

Manufactured to suit your specific requirements, to order please specify;

- Opening size

- Number of doors

- Door type and

- Direction that the doors slide in


The Overtaking system is the perfect solution to open up and maximize your space. Features of the Overtaking Sliding System:

- Commercial and residential applications

- Suitable for both aluminium and timber doors

- Manufactured to suit a huge range of design opportunities. For example, corner units, T-intersection applications

- Engineered Rollers with high speed precision bearing


Options for the opening finish:

- Artesian detail

- Aluminium split jamb, pelmets and closing jamb

- Tanaro detail – square set plaster finish

- Campaspe detail – no architrave supplied