Amazon Floor Roller System


The Amazon sliding track is a floor mounted roller system, unique in its field. Featuring a concealed clip floor track design, this overcomes the requirement for unsightly external fixings. It’s particularly ideal for use when structural support is not available from the ceiling – the weight is transferred directly to the floor. It’s designed to provide long-lasting smooth operation.

Overtaking Application for Extra Width

This system is perfect for use in an overtaking application, allowing up to four times the width of a walk-through opening – creating the ultimate patio sliding doors, or shields for the meeting room. Also, sliding doors allow you to make the most of a room’s floor space, eliminating the “swing space” taken up by hinge doors. This functionality enables designers to open up a room and maximise on its space, while also providing an effective divider.

Commercial and residential applications

The Amazon system is brilliant for use in both commercial and residential settings thanks to its combination of durability, functionality and attractiveness. It’s ideal both to divide an internal space or to create sliding patio doors between the inside and outside.

Amazon Features

  • - Overtaking options
  • - Simple installation
  • - Neat and shallow head guide
  • - Unique floor track design