Sliding Track Systems

  • Amazon Floor Roller System
    The Amazon sliding track is a floor mounted roller system, unique in its field. Featuring a concealed clip floor track design, this overcomes the requirement for unsightly external fixings. It’s particularly ideal for use when structural support is not available from the ceiling – the weight is transferred directly to the floor. It’s designed to provide long-lasting smooth operation.
  • Niagara Heavy Duty Top Roller ...
    The Niagara system is one of the most reliable and durable sliding track systems. The Niagara combines contemporary style and smooth functionality to blend seamlessly with your space and project requirements. Capacity of up to 250kg.
  • Panama Exposed Stainless Steel...
    The unique panama track provides a retro look for the modern fitout. The exposed stainless rail is popular in residential, commercial and heavy use industrial areas. Not only is it renowned for its distinctive appearance, it supports doors up to 200kg.
  • Atlantic Top Roller System
    The Atlantic sliding track system is available in a range of finishes and suits a wide variety of applications for both bi fold aluminium doors and sliding timber doors. The Atlantic track can be used as a visible feature, concealed in ceiling space or hidden using pelmets. An engineered track system and ball bearing rollers ensures a smooth and consistent operation whilst maintaining doors of up to 180kg.
  • Atlantic Overtaking System
    The Overtaking system is the perfect solution to open up and maximize your space. Features of the Overtaking Sliding System include: commercial and residential applications, suitable for both aluminium and timber doors, manufactured to suit a huge range of design opportunities. For example, corner units, T-intersection applications, and engineered Rollers with high speed precision bearing.


The Criterion range provides reliable and simple solutions for your sliding track requirements. Open up and maximise your space with sliding track systems that have been tested for weight and endurance.

Product Features

Our innovative range of sliding tracks includes top hung systems and floor roller systems, each carefully designed for;

  • - Smooth and reliable performance on every motion
  • - Low maintenance
  • - Easy installation

Product Range

Our range includes:


A floor-mounted roller system featuring a concealed clip floor track design (making unsightly external fixings unnecessary). It’s ideal in situations where there is no structural support from the ceiling.


An all-purpose top roller sliding track system that comes in a variety of finishes and suits a wide range of applications. The track can be displayed or concealed, allowing for endless design possibilities. Weight capacity of 180kg.


One of the most reliable and durable systems available, this heavy-duty top roller system is easy-to-install and able to accommodate a wide range of doors. Offers smooth operation and ball-bearing wheels with a capacity of 250kg per roller set.


This exposed stainless steel rail system boasts a distinctive retro appearance popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It can support timber and aluminium doors up to 200kg.