• Artesian Aluminium Cavity Unit
    The Artesian aluminium framed cavity unit is designed for commercial and architectural applications. Aluminium reveals and pelmets create a consistent 35mm outline, matching the dimension of the Platinum partitioning suite. Its unique design ensures the cavity is quick to install, and pelmets facilitate adjustments to the overhead rollers, either during the installation process or subsequently.
  • Tanaro Flush-in Cavity Unit
    The Tanaro is a distinct cavity unit, with its flush-in finish providing an expansive atmosphere. This cavity will enhance the functionality of any office or residence. The aluminium track system boasts a 180 kg door capacity. Available in a range of design options - flush head detail, pelmet head detail and overtaking door system. Acoustic possibilities can be gained through the use of seals and acoustic panels to structure of cavity.
  • Glacier Frameless Glass Cavity...
    The Glacier frameless is a sleek, sophisticated looking cavity. This cavity creates a spacious feel and is ideal for retaining a sensation of expanse while providing the reduced sound options of a standard door. The flush head detail allows the ceiling to finish flush with the base of the track providing a smooth continuous flow from room to room.
  • Oxbow Heavy Duty Cavity Unit
    The Oxbow cavity unit is the monster of cavities. Suiting a stud thickness of up to 120mm, the Oxbow is manufactured to suit heavy use areas. The Oxbow unit is an ideal option for wide doors in school and university areas. The split jambs are heavily reinforced for added strength and the rails are supported with extra bracing. The continuous guide ensures the door slides smoothly throughout the opening and closing process.
  • Campaspe Timber Cavity Unit
    The Campaspe cavity door unit can be incorporated into residential or office environments. This cavity is ideal for door applications where doors are smaller and lightweight. The wheel carriage facilitates a smooth slide action, incorporating a quick release hanger system which simplifies installation and servicing. The medium duty track has a load capacity of up to 75kg and allows for doors up to 1500mm wide.

Cavity Systems Shadow

Criterion Industries are specialists in the manufacturing of sliding door cavity systems. Our innovative and space-saving designs ensure years of trouble-free operation, providing an effective way to utilise space.

A Wide Range of Options

With timber, aluminium, flush-in finish, glass and heavy duty cavity options available, there is sure to be a sliding door cavity system that is right for your needs. We can supply you with a wide range of design options and different weight capacities, giving you a solution that is flexible.