Foam Protection Shadow

Prevent the dent to save you despair and repair! Door jambs once vulnerable to scratches and dents can now be protected by the new Armadillo Door Jamb Protector! The self-gripping O-Profile is designed to protect door jambs, window frames, posts and columns from damage. High density foam profiles are available in 2m lengths and are pre-slit for easy installation. The Armadillo Red Foam Protection, 2m x 16mm thick x 95mm diameter, is simple and quick to apply with no taping required, fitting around jambs and frames up to 180mm wide. The Armadillo Grey Foam Protection, 2m x 10mm thick x 45mm diameter, is ideal for protecting aluminium door edges, handrails and balustrades. It also suits a range of door thicknesses from 32mm to 44mm.