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Lead Lined Plasterboard

Criterion Industries supplies the complete package to enable shielding of rooms containing radiation equipment. Also supply lead lined doors, lead lined window frames and lead glass in order to deliver everything you need for your medical fitout!

  • 13mm impact gypsum board with lead bonded to rear of board with 20mm overlap to one long edge
  • Lead gauges 0.44, 0.88, 1.32, 1.76 and 2.2mm
  • Max sheet size 1200mm x 3600mm
  • Fixing: boards are fixed to studs by screwing through with standard wallboard fixing screws at maximum 400mm centres.
  • Penetrations for power points and switches etc must have lead sheet lining behind them to a coverage of approx. 100mm all edges to prevent radiation leakage.
  • Specifiers must confer with the recommendations set out by the manufacturer of the radiation equipment to determine lead thickness and application requirements.
  • Where sheets with exposed lead are fixed to zinc treated steel studs, these must be taped with PVC duct tape or similar before fixing sheeting.

Safety Issues
Our shielding solutions are manufactured with lead components. Lead is laminated to the product and when handled correctly should not create a health issue on site. Please refer to the material safety data sheet for more detailed information.

Any such material that is heavier than standard building material needs to be handled accordingly. The data sheets give indicative weights for the various types of standard shielding materials according to lead gauge.

Handling of Lead
Contact between bare skin and lead sheet is to be kept to a minimum. Personnel installing lead shielding panels need to wear long sleeve shirts and gloves. When extensive handling of exposed lead is to be done, it is advised that personnel change clothes before leaving the site and clothes with possible lead contamination are washed separately. Hand washing is essential at the completion of a working period and always before eating, and preferably appropriate heavy metal hand soap is to be used.

Cutting of Sheets
Where sheets are to be cut on site, abrasive cutters must not be used. Wood substrates can be cut with standard power saws, using care to avoid the particles of lead ejected by the saw. Fibrecement or gypsum panels are cut with power shears, diamond blades or by first scoring the substrate and breaking it over an edge, the lead is then cut with a heavy duty Stanley knife.

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