Glacier Cavity Unit

The Glacier frameless cavity unit is a sleek, sophisticated system that is designed with twin rollers to deliver seamless cohesion between interior spaces.

Glacier units have a door capacity of up to 180kg and can handle a wide variety of doors. This system also provides a variety of acoustic seal options to reduce noise within a commercial setting.

Engineered with a flush head detail from the ceiling down to the base of the track, this product also offers a concealed carrier detail to ensure the rail is hidden inside the head of the cavity. The innovative design allows the door to project out of a small opening in the wall.

The Glacier frameless cavity unit is a customisable range designed to deliver a seamless modern interior space.

  • Customisable
  • Suits 10mm to 12mm frameless glass
  • Flush head design
  • Holds up to 180kg

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