Plasterboard Shadow

Criterion Industries is an industry-leading plasterboard supplier. The Criterion recessed edge/square edge (re/se) plasterboard is a machine-made sheet with heavy-duty linerboard. This material is used as an internal lining board to provide smooth, strong, long-lasting walls and ceilings for a range of commercial applications.

Product Range

As plasterboard suppliers we offer a comprehensive range, including specialty products for acoustic and wet area applications. The range includes:


A 13mm high-density board that helps protect internal wall surfaces from the damage of hard body impact. Its impressive resistance makes it perfect for high-traffic areas.


Resists humidity and moisture and can withstand the effects of fire for up to 50% longer than standard plasterboard.

Moisture-resistant board

In both 10mm and 13mm thicknesses, which can be used to line wet areas in both residential and commercial buildings.

Ceiling board

A machine-made sheet designed to reduce the risk of sagging ceilings during renovations or new home building. Composed of a gypsum core encased in heavy-duty linerboard, this board is made with more plaster, is fibreglass-reinforced, and has unique added stiffeners, helping it to stay flatter.

Villaboard lining

This flat internal wall lining provides an excellent foundation for long-lasting, professional finish that is resistant to impact and moisture damage. This makes it ideal for use in bathrooms and laundries. It is also a great substrate for tiling and requires less paint for painted finishes.

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