Hinge Screws Shadow

At Criterion Industries, we stock a wide range of hinge screws suitable for a variety of applications. Made from quality materials, you will be satisfied with the selection of screws we can provide to you.

Innovative Design

Our innovative screws are designed with an undercut head, ensuring that the hinge does not protrude into the countersunk provision in the leaf of the hinge. This prevents the problem of doors binding.

A Range of Options

Our screws also possess the unique feature of continuing the screw thread to the underside of the head, ensuring hinges do not loosen over time. In addition to this, we have a self-drilling option which can save you from having to pre-drill aluminium frames, as well as a self-tapping option that is perfect for MDF and timber doors.

With dozens of options available to choose from, you can be sure that Criterion can supply you with high-quality hinge screws that are suitable for your needs.