Access Panels

Access Panels Shadow

At Criterion Industries, we can provide access panels to suit a variety of applications. In addition to options for metal surround and hinged doors which can be used in both walls and ceilings, our panels also come with the option of either set bead or standard flange edges.

Fire Ratings

Our panels suit a range of both fire-rated and non-fire-rated applications, with metal and MDF door types both available which are fire rated up to one hour.


At Criterion, we understand that security is paramount, which is why we provide flexible locking solutions. Our range offers three different types of locking methods, including budget, key lock and touch latch.

Size Range and Custom Options

Criterion’s access panel range covers a variety of sizes, from 300x300 to 600 x 600. In addition to these pre-prepared sizes, we can manufacture to your particular requirements to achieve a custom result, ensuring we can sufficiently meet your needs.