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Drilling Jigs

Cut down on labour and fabrication time with the Criterion range of Drilling Jigs. Providing a safe and foolproof solution for fabricating aluminium window and door frames, Drilling Jigs feature:

  • Round knuckles that locate in the glazing pocket to provides exact hole locations
  • Markings for midway mullions
  • More efficient solution compared to alternative methods (e.g. using offcuts to measure)
  • Labelled with descriptions to make it easy to use

Recent testimonial
“Now that I have used them, I can’t do without them. Only wish I had used them sooner, saves so much time and mucking around!”
Mark – Long Time Criterion Customer


Q: What is the advantage of the Jig when my installers just use an offcut to mark their holes?
A: The jig is guaranteed to save time and be safer. The offcuts have caused serious injuries as they can catch up the drill. Also saves having to throw out aluminium when the holes are drilled incorrectly.

Q: Do I need a different Drilling Jig for each system?
A: Due to the hole centres for the various systems being different we have designed the minimal number of jigs possible. For example the Platinium & Definium 90 centre glaze share the same jig.

Q: How long to the Drilling Jigs last?
A: Like any tool it depends on the care of the user. With constant everyday use, we would expect that after a couple of months that the holes would be effected by continuous drilling.

Q: Can I drill for for Sill or Standard Frame for the horizontals?
A: Yes it clearly marked on the Drilling Jig as to which hole is which.

Q: Can I Drill a middle mullion at particular heights?
A: Yes the plate of the Jig has two small pins at the top, if you place the jig on the extrusion with the pins facing towards you it can then slide up and down within the glazing pocket and the markings on the side of the plate allow you to align at exactly the right locations.

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