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Artesian Cavity Unit

The Artesian cavity unit is a premium cavity system designed for use throughout a wide variety of commercial spaces.

With aluminium reveals and pelmets boasting a consistent 35mm outline to match the Platinum suite, the Artesian system offers a modern solution for corner spaces.

Featuring quick and simple installation design, the Artesian roller system integrates removable pelmets, allowing for easy adjustments where required.

Incorporating a premium-quality overhead design to ensure a smooth rolling operation, Artesian can hold up to 180kg doors and is compatible with timber, frameless glass doors, and aluminium framed glass doors. This premium range can also accommodate a range of door thicknesses, from 38mm to 44mm.

The Artesian cavity provides a functional solution to maximise space within a commercial setting. With a focus on continuity, seamless transition between rooms and understated cohesion with other elements of wider interior design. The Artesian cavity encourages open and spacious working environments.

  • 35mm reveal
  • Door thickness 38mm Timber Doors
  • Door thickness 44mm Aluminium Doors
  • Weight capacity up to 180kg
  • Suits both aluminium and timber doors
  • Available in a range of colour finishes
  • Quick and easy installation
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