Heavyweight (9mm Skin)

Heavyweight (9mm Skin) Shadow

Criterion Aurora Heavyweight Doors are used internally throughout commercial offices. Heavyweight doors are manufactured with extra wide stiles allowing doors to be hinged from both stiles and be easily machined for door furniture. Featuring extra wide top and bottom rails for strength and ensuring doors can be trimmed to height without affecting structure of door, these doors incorporate MDF ribs and 9mm MDF skins. With huge stock holdings and exceptional quick turnaround on all custom sizes, you can be confident we can satisfy your timber door requirements.

Custom solutions include:

- Veneer finish

- Timber edge strips

- Machining for door furniture

- Glass viewing panels

- Opti-Lite cut-outs

- Vent cut-outs

- Trenches for door guides and base seals

- Rebates for pairs of doors