Aluminium Doors Shadow

Criterion proudly produces a range of versatile aluminium doors and windows that are suitable for a variety of applications. Produced using high quality materials and engineered to perfection, these commercial aluminium glass doors and windows are built to meet the demands of high traffic and business use. We offer a customised machining service prior to delivery. Here we can adapt your doors or windows to meet your individual requirements.

Pre-glazing and Design Flexibility

All our aluminium door systems are designed for glazing rubber, providing a small, consistent bead around the glass opening. Glazing rubber ensures the door can be pre-glazed prior to installation. Aluminium doors can be incorporated into the Cascade sliding systems for increased design flexibility.

A Range of Features and Options

There are many different features and options to choose from with Criterion. Select either narrow or wide stiles. As mentioned, we can provide machining and fitting of door furniture and also rubber glazing prior to delivery. Available in a several different powder coats and anodised finishes, our doors suit a variety of different acoustic and weather seals. Glazing pockets accept either rubber or silicone glazing options.

The Criterion Quality Guarantee

Our guarantee is in place to ensure that all Criterion products stand up to a high standard of quality. We conduct independent product testing, offer an extended warranty, and cover comprehensive after sales customer care. All products manufactured by Criterion Industries are deemed to be consistent in quality, with a 5 year warranty in place for your peace of mind. If you have any questions about our quality guarantee, please contact us today.