Zip Grip Skirting Glue Shadow

When working with skirting boards, it’s essential to have the right materials and tools for the job. Equally essential is a reliable skirting glue that keeps everything together. Zip Grip Adhesive is a high strength construction adhesive, formulated specifically for bonding materials such as aluminium, panelling, Masonite skirting and trims, to plasterboard, concrete and timber.

Strong Bonding Capabilities

Highly recommended for internal use in commercial and residential construction applications, this adhesive can be used for bonding cement sheet, ply and wall boards to timber, steel and ceramic surfaces.


Zip Grip Adhesive is an extremely user friendly product, possessing lower viscosity than most alternatives. This allows materials to adhere tightly to the substrate with a minimal gap. When cured, a tough, flexible and heat resistant bond is formed, making it the perfect adhesive to use for skirting boards and other building trims.

Criterion Industries recommend using Zip Grip skirting glue for all such applications.