Platinum 90 (100 x 35mm)


The Platinum 90 suite incorporates 64mm studs with 13mm plasterboard. This popular suite offers three glazing options; centre glazed, offset glazed and double glazed. Whilst centre glazed is most commonly used, the offset glazed option creates an expansive sensation, and provides practical benefits such as the ability to incorporate blinds within the frame to increase privacy. All three glazing options are interchangeable.

Double glazing provides additional acoustic benefits, and has proved to be a very popular option in locations where sound reduction is important such as executive office suites and windows between offices and warehouses. The Platinum 90 presents a vast range of sections including the option of a 25mm, 35mm and 50mm reveal.

Features of the Platinum 90

- Estimated sound rating for solid plasterboard walls:

- Provides two plasterboard options:

- Glazing pocket incorporates 6mm to 10mm glass

The Glasshouse Look: Platinum 90 with midrails

Platinum 90